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Orbis Latinus
is the Internet site
of Latin and
Neo-Latin, or
    New languages are added to the Orbis Latinus:
  • General Overview of Asturian
  • General Overview of Castilian
A new feature was added: New articles were written or offered to the Orbis Latinus: The Encyclopaedia Orbis Latini was enlarged by new articles: 
  • aaa
New materials on grammar were added: New texts were published:
  • In the Mozarabic section 

  • Kharjas by Yehudi Halevi (transliteration and transcription of the original texts with English translation).
  • In the Asturian section

  • The poems were provided with translations in Standard Spanish by Susana Sela. See here =>
The weblinks section, Web-sites in Orbi Universo..., was also updated and enriched, Amomg the new links it is to quote: New maps were added:
Orbis Latinus is permanently growing: 

Every month new materials are added. 

800,000,000 people are Romance speakers. 
The last update is of:
September 15 2002. 
Introductory Survey
Modern Romance Languages
There are over 50 Romance languages. 
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At present
Orbis Latinus
contains more
than 850 articles
about grammar
and history of
the Romance

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Western culture was 
articulated in Latin. 
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historical maps...

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The main objective
of Orbis Latinus
is to create an in-
tegral on-line refe-
rential database
of Romance

French and Spanish are official in the UN. 
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Orbis Latinus
offers selection of 
texts that illustrates 
in the best way the development of the languages.

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English Vocabulary is Romanized up to 75%.
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