• A Web of On-line Dictionaries
  • LETRS Searchable Texts and Dictionaries
  • Online Dictionaries and Translators
  • Ultra Lingua French Dictionary, English Dictionary, Spanish Dictionary, German Dictionary
  • yourDictionary.com

  • Describes itself as "the world's most comprehensive, and authoritative portal for language, and language-related products and services on the world wide web.
    yourDictionary.com has the widest and deepest set of dictionaries on the web (more than 1500 dictionaries representing more than 230 languages)."
  • The LOGOS Dictionary
  • French

  • ARTFL French-English Dictionary

  • Bilingual French-English dictionary.
  • Dictionnaires
  • Glossary of Business and Financial Terms

  • French Government, Business and Finance Glossary.
  • Glossary of Business and Legal Terms

  • French business and legal terms.
  • Glossary of Financial Terms

  • French glossary of financial terms.
  • Hachette Monolingual Dictionary

  • Monolingual French dictionary.
  • Vocabulaire de l'informatique et de l'internet

  • CNRS-based French 'Journal officiel' of 16th March 1999.


  • Programma Dizionario
  • Latin

  • Dizionarietto Latino

  • Small Latin-Italian Dictionary.
  • Latin-English Dictionary
  • Portuguese

  • Dicionario da Lingua Portuguesa On-line (Texto Editora)

  • Over 93000 entries, usable without accented keyboard. Verb conjugator and simple grammar.
  • Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa (Porto Editora)

  • Over 600000 words, including new technical/scientifical vocabulary. Etymological information for over 83000 words and verb conjugator. Includes bilingual dictionaries Portuguese/English, English/Portugues, Portuguese/French, French/Portuguese.
  • Dicionários
  • DicioWeb

  • Portuguese dictionary of Internet jargon, including a guide to the Internet and a Tutorial.
  • FLiP On-line

  • Spell-checker for Standard Portuguese. Used by pasting the text onto it.


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