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Ulisse m (It.) < L. Ulixes.

Ulixes m (L.) via Illyrian < Gk. '•dusseUS (Odysseus) a king of Ithaca and Greek leader in the Trojan War who after the war wanders 10 years before reaching home.

Ulpian m (E., G.) < L. Ulpianus.

Ulpiano m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Ulpianus.

Ulpianus m (L.) belonging to the gens of the Ulpii; see Ulpius. Domitius Ulpianus (d. AD 228) was a famous Roman jurist.

Ulpien [yl'pj}] m (F.) < L. Ulpianus.

Ulpius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < ulpus, dialect form of lupus wolf.

Ulysse m (F.) < L. Ulixes.

Ulysses m (E.) < L. Ulixes.

Una f (L., It., Sp., E.) L. una one.

Undine f (G.) < L. undinus of wave < unda wave. In the German folktales Undine is a water sprite who marries the knight Hildebrand to acquire a soul and thus become human but who later loses this love to the treacheries of her uncle Kuhleborn and the lady Berthulda.

Urbain m (F.) < L. Urbanus.

Urban m (E., G., Pol., Rus., Bul.) < L. Urbanus.

Urbano m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Urbanus.

Urbanus m (L.) L. urbanus city man, courteous < urbs, urbis great city, Rome. The name of several popes.

Ursel f (G.) < L. Ursula.

Ursula f (L., Sp., Port., It.) L. ursula little bear < ursa she-bear. According to a medieval legend St Ursula was a British princess who went to Rome accompanied by 11,000 virgins and was killed with them in Cologne by the Huns on the return from the pilgrimage. The Order of St. Ursula (Ursulines) is a congregation of nuns dedicated to educating girls.

Ursule f (F.) < L. Ursula.

Usha f (Am.) pet form of Ursula.

Uschi f (G.) pet form of Ursula.