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Tacito ['tatSitO] m (It.) < L. Tacitus.

Tacitus m (L.) L. tacitus silent, secret < tacere to be silent. Publius Cornelius Tacitus (56-120 A.D.) was the greatest Roman historian.

Tanya f (Rus.) (Òàíÿ) pet form of Tatyana.

Tasha f (Am.) short form of Natasha or Latasha.

Tatian m (E.) < L. Tatianus.

Tatiana f (L., Am.) feminine form of Tatianus (Tatian).

Tatianos m (Gk.) (TatiAnoS) < L. Tatianus. Tatian (fl. 120-173) was a Syrian author who arranged a version of the four Gospels in a single continuous narrative (the so called "Diatessaron").

Tatianus m (L.) belonging to Tatius (to the gens of the Tatii); see Tatius.

Tatius m (L.) Origin unknown. Titus Tatius is a legendary Sabine king who ruled with Romulus, the founder of Rome. Used as name of a Roman gens.

Tatyana f (Rus.) (Òàòüÿíà) < MGk. TatiAnh < L. Tatiana. Tatyana is the heroine of Pushkin's novel Yevgeny Onegin (written 1823-31).

Taylor mf (E.) alteration of tailor cutter of cloth < ME. taillour < OF. tailleur < taillier to cut < LL. taliare < L. talea twig, cutting. Originally used as a surname.

Tempest f (E.) violent storm; < ME. < OF. tempeste < VL. *tempesta, alteration of L. tempestas season, weather, storm < tempus time.

Temple f (Am.) holy edifice; < OE. tempel & OF. temple, both < L. templum space marked out for observation of auguries, temple, small timber.

Tercero m (Sp.) Sp. tercero third < L. tertiarius tertiary < tres three. Traditionally given to the third child born.

Terence m (E.) < L. Terentius.

Térence [te'R{:s] m (F.) < L. Terentius.

Terencio m (Sp. [tE'rEnTiO], Port.[ti'rensiu]) < L. Terentius.

Terentia f (L.) feminine form of Terentius.

Terentius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; of unknown origin. Marcus Terentius Varo (fl. 116-27 B.C.) was a great Roman scientist and writer.

Terra f (Am.) < L. terra earth.

Terrance m (Am) spelling variant of Terrence.

Terrence m (Am) spelling variant of Terence.

Terry mf (E.) short form of Terence or Terrence. Not to be confound with the pet forms of Theresa and F. Théodore.

Tia f (Sp., Am.) Sp. tia aunt, feminine of tio uncle, < LL. thiu < Gk. je;oS uncle.

Tiara f (Am.) ML. tiara pope's crown < L. royal Persian headdress < Gk. tiAra.

Tiberia f (L., It.) feminine form of Tiberius (Tiberio).

Tiberio m (It.) < L. Tiberius. Tiberio Mitri was a famous boxer in 1950s.

Tiberius m (L.) Roman personal name; < L. Tiberis river in Rome. Tiberius was a Roman emperor (ruled 14-37 A.D.).

Tiera f (Am.) alteration of Tierra.

Tierra f (Sp., Am.) < L. terra earth.

Tisha f Short form of Latisha.

Tita f (L., Sp., Port.) feminine form of Titius.

Titiana f (L.) feminine form of Titianus.

Titianus m (L.) belonging to the gens of the Titii; see Titius.

Titius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens. Of unknown origin.

Tito m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Titius.

Titus m (L., E.) Very popular Roman first name of unknown origin. Titus was a companion of St Paul and the first bishop of Crete.

Tiziana [ti'tsjana] f (It.) < L. Titiana.

Tiziano [ti'tsjanO] m (It.) < L. Titianus.

Toinette [twa'nEt] f (F.) pet form of Antoinette.

Tona f (Am.) short form of Antonia.

Tonette f (Am.) adaptation of F. Toinette.

Toney m (Am.) variant of Tony (2).

Toni (1) f (Sp., Am.) pet form of Antonia.

Toni (2) mf (Bul.) pet form of Anton or Antonia.

Tonia f (Am.) short form of Antonia.

Tonie f (E.) pet form of Antonia.

Tonisha f (Am.) < Toni (1).

Tonita f (Sp., Am.) diminutive form of Toni (1) with the suffix -ita.

Tonja f (Am.) alteration of Tonia.

Tonka f (Bul.) pet form of Antonia.

Tonton [t_'t_] f (F.) pet form of Antoinnette.

Tony m (E.) pet form of Anthony.

Tonya f (Am.) alteration of Tonia.

Tori, Torie, Torri, Torrie or Tory f (Am.) pet form of Victoria.

Torrence m (Am.) alteration of E. torrent a violent stream of a liquid < MF. torrent < L. torrens, entis rushing stream, present part. of torrere to parch, to burn.

Tory m (Am.) pet form of Victor.

Toto m (F., It.) pet form of Antoine or Antonio.

Tracey mf (Am.) variant of Tracy.

Tracy mf (E.) < E. trace path, road < MF. trace < tracier to trace < VL. *tractiare to drag < L. tractus, past part. of trahere to pull. Tracy is often considered a pet form of Theresa.

Travis mf (Am.) < Am. travis a simple vehicle used by Plains Indians; < AmF. travail, < CanF. travail shaft of a cart < MF. traveil catafalque, prop < LL. trepalium instrument of torture. Initially used as a nickname, later as a surname.

Treena or Trena f (Am.) spelling variants of Trina.

Tricia f (Am.) pet form of Patricia.

Trina f (Am.) shortened form of Trinidad or Trinity.

Trinh f (Am.) < Trina.

Trini f (Am.) pet form of Trinidad or Trinity.

Trinidad mf (Sp., Am.) Sp. trinidad (holy) trinity < L. trinitas, -atis < trinus threefold < tres three. An island in the West Indies bears this name.

Trinity f (E.) ME. trinity the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit < OF. trinité < L. trinitas, -atis < trinus threefold < tres three.

Trish f (Am.) shortened < Trisha.

Trisha f (Am.) phonetic spelling of Tricia.

Trista f (E.) feminine form of Tristan.

Tristan m (F., E.) < ML. Tristanus.

Tristan m (Sp., It.) < ML. Tristanus.

Tristanus m (ML.) < L. tristis sad, sorrowful, gloomy. Tristan was a medieval legend hero who ventured to Ireland to ask the hand of the princess Isolde for his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall. He slew a dragon that was devastating the country, and thus succeeded in his mission. On the homeward journey Tristan and Isolde, by misadventure, drank the love potion prepared by the queen for her daughter and King Mark. Henceforward, the two were bound to each other by an imperishable love, though it did not destroy their loyalty to the king.

Tristão [tri'St{o] m (Port.) < ML. Tristanus.

Tristram or Tristrem m (ML., OF.) variants of Tristan. Possibly these forms preseted some original Celtic name, but the tragic story of the Irish hero (see Tristanus) induced the medieval troubadours to make it similar to the L. tristis sad, sorrowful, gloomy.

Troy mf (E.) of Troyes, capital of the province of Champagne in France; F. Troyes < L. Tricasses Gallic tribe that inhabited the region in the Antiquity. In the Middle ages Troyes was a center of fairs, of fine arts and jewlry (the Troy system of measures is called on its behalf) and enjoyed exceptional prosperity. In England Troy was used originally as a surname.

Tullia f (L.) feminine form of Tullius. Tullia was the daughter of Cicero.

Tulliola f (L.) diminutive form of Tullia.

Tullio m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Tullius.

Tullius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens, to which belonged the great orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.). Origin unknown, possibly < tollere to lift, to raise.

Tullus m (L.) Popular Roman name, origin unknown. Tullus Hostilius was an acient king of Rome (ruled 673-642 B.C.)

Tully m (E.) < L. Tullius.

Tutilius m (L.) diminutive < L. tutus safe, protected.

Tyler mf (E.) < E. tiler master of roofs < tile < OE. tigele < L. tegula tile < tegere to cover. Originally a surname.