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Sabina f (L., Sp., Port., It., Am.) L. Sabina, feminine form of Sabini - people, leaving north-east of Rome, whose girls were ravished by the Romans.

Sabine f (G.) < L. Sabina.

Sage f (E.) ME. sage wise < OF. sage < VL. *sapius < L. sapere to taste, have good taste, be wise.

Sal m (Am.) short form of Salvador or Salvatore.

Salena f (Am.) spelling variant of Salina.

Salina f (Am.) feminine form < L. salinus salty < sal salt.

Salvador m (Sp., Port.) < LL. Salvator.

Salvalus m (LL.) < L. salvare to save.

Salvator m (LL.) L. salvator saviour, messiah < salvare to save.

Salvatore m (It.) < LL. Salvator.

Salvius m (L.) < L. salvare to save.

Sancha f (Sp.) feminine form of Sancho.

Sancho m (Sp.) < L. sanctus holy, saint. Sancho Panza was Don Quixote's squire in the famous novel written by Cervantes.

Santana f (Sp., Port., Am.) < santa Ana saint Ann; < L. sanctus holy, saint + Ana Ann (name of Jewish origin).

Santiago m (Sp.) OSp. Sant' Yago Saint James; < L. sanctus holy, saint + Yago James (name of Jewish origin). St James, one of the 12th apostles, was a patron saint of Spain.

Santino m (It.) diminutive of Santo.

Santo m (Sp., Port., It., Am.) Sp./Port./It. santo saint < L. sanctus.

Santos m (Sp., Port., Am.) plural form of Sp./Port. santo saint < L. sanctus.

Saturnina f (Am.) feminine form of L. Saturninus belonging to Saturn, Saturnian < Saturnus the Roman god of sowing and seed.

Savalus m (LL.) variant of Salvalus.

Scarlet f (E.) bright red; ME. scarlat, scarlet < OF. escarlate < ML. scarlata < Pers. saqalat a kind of rich bright red cloth.

Scarlett f (Am.) spelling variant of Scarlet. This was the name of the main character in the novel "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell. It came from her grandmothers maiden name.

Scipio m (L.) Roman cognomen; < L. scipio, -onis ceremonial rod, baton. The Scipions were Roman generals, famous with their fights against the Carthaginians. In the Second Punic war (218-201 B.C.) Publius Cornelius Scipio Major defeated Hannibal and in the Third Punic war (149-146 B.C.) Scipio Aemilianus Minor destroyed Carthage.

Scipion m (F.) < L. Scipio.

Scipione [Si'pjOne] m (It.) < L. Scipio.

Season f (Am.) ME. < OF. saison season < L. satio, -onis action of sowing < serere to sow.

Sempronia f (L.) feminine form of Sempronius.

Sempronius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens, to which belonged the great reformers, brother Gracchi; < semper always, for ever.

September f (Am.) the 9th month of the Gregorian calendar; < ME. Septembre < OF. < L. September seventh month in the ancient Roman calendar < septem seven. The name is traditionally given to girls born during the month of September.

Septimia f (L.) feminine form of Septimius. Septimia Zenobia was the famous queen of yhe ancient Palmyra (ruled 267-272 A.D.).

Septimius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < L. septimus seventh < septem seven.

Septima f (L.) feminine form of Septimus.

Septimus m (L.) L. septimus seventh < septem seven. This name was traditionally given to the seventh child in the family.

Serena f (L., Sp., Port., It., Am.) feminine form of L. serenus clear, cloudless, untroubled. The name of an early saint.

Serge m (F.) < L. Sergius.

Sergio m (Sp. ['sErxiO], Port. ['seÒJu], It. ['serdJO]) < L. Sergius.

Sergius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens. Origin unknown.

Serina f (Am.) misspelled variant of .Serena

Sertorius m (L.) < L. sertor sower, planter < serere to sow, to plant. Quintus Sertorius (fl. 123-72 B.C.) was a Roman statesman and military commander who, defying the Roman Senate, became independent ruler of Spain for eight years.

Servilius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < L. servire to serve.

Servius m (L.) < L. servire to serve.

Severiana f (L.) feminine form of Severianus.

Severianus m (L.) belonging to the gens of Severi; see Severus.

Severus m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < L. severus severe, stern.

Severin m (G. [zeve'Rin], Rus., Bul.) < L. Severinus.

Séverin [se'vR}] m (F.) < L. Severinus.

Severina f (L., Sp., Port., It., Bul.) feminine form of Severinus (Severino, Severin).

Severino m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Severinus.

Severinus m (LL.) < L. severus severe, stern. Severinus was a Roman pope (in 638-640).

Sexta f (L.) feminine form of Sextus.

Sextus m (L.) L. sextus sixth < sex six. Name traditionally given to the sixth child in the family.

Shayla f (Am.) spelling variant of Sheila.

Sheila f (Ir.) variant of Cecilia.

Shelagh f (Ir.) variant of Cecilia.

Sheri f (Am.) spelling variant of Cherie.

Sherry f (Am.) spelling variant of Cherie.

Sheryl f (Am.) spelling variant of Cheryl.

Sid m (E.) pet form of Sidney.

Sidney m (E.) < LL. Sidonius.

Sidonia f (L.) feminine form of Sidonius.

Sidonius m (L.) born in Sidon; < Sidon, -onis Sidon (modern Saida in Lebanon), ancient city in Phoenicia.

Sidony f (E.) < LL. Sidonia.

Sierra f (Sp., Am.) Sp. sierra mountain range, lit. saw < L. serra saw.

Signe f (Am.) sign; < ME. signe < OF. signe < L. signum mark, token, sign, image, seal; perh. akin to L. secare to cut.

Silas m (L., Am.) short form of Silvanus. St Silas was an early Christian prophet and missionary, companion of the Apostle St. Paul.

Silva f (Sp., Port., Am., Bul.) variant of Silvia.

Silvana f (L., Sp., It., E.) feminine form of Silvanus.

Silvano m (Sp., It.) < L. Silvanus.

Silvanus m (L.) L. silvanus forest dweller < silva wood. Silvanus was the Roman god of the forests and the fields.

Silvester m (L.) L. silvester woodman < silva wood.

Silvestr m (Rus.) (Ñèëâåñòð) < L. Silvester.

Silvestre m (Sp., Port., F.) < L. Silvester.

Silvestro m (It.) < L. Silvester.

Silvia f (L., Sp., Port., It., E., Rus., Bul.) feminine form of L. Silvius. Rhea Silvia was the mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.

Silvio m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Silvius.

Silvius m (L.) < L. silva wood.

Sixta f (L., Sp., G.) feminine form of Sixtus.

Sixto m (Sp.) < ML. Sixtus.

Sixtus m (ML.) alteration of L. Sextus. Name of many popes.

Slyvia f (Am.) alteration of Sylvia.

Socorro f (Sp., Am.) Sp. soccoro succor < ML. succursus < L. succurrere to run up, run to help; < sub- up + currere to run.

Sol mf (L.) L. sol sun; not to be confound with the shortened form of Solomon.

Solange f (F. [sO'l{:J], Am.) < L. sol sun + F. ange (< L. angelus) angel.

Soledad f (Sp., Am.) Sp. soledad solitude < L. solitas, -atis < solus alone.

Spencer m (E.) dispenser of provisions; < E. spend < OF. despendre to spend < L. dispendere to weigh out, to pay out. Originally a surname.

Stella f (L., E.) L. stella star.

Sylvain m (F.) < ML. Silvanus.

Sylvaine f (F.) < ML. Silvana.

Sylvana f (ML.) medieval spelling of Silvana.

Sylvanus m (ML.) medieval spelling of Silvanus.

Sylvia f (ML., E.) medieval spelling of Silvia.

Sylvie f (F., E.) < ML. Sylvia.

Sydney mf (Am.) spelling variant of Sidney.

Sylvester m (ML., E.) medieval spelling of Silvester. Name of many saints and popes.

Sylvestre m (F.) < ML. Sylvester.