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Randa f (Am.) short form of Miranda.

Randee, Randi or Randy f (Am.) short form of Miranda. The masculine form Randy is short form of Randall or Randolf.

Ray mf (E.) bean; ME. ray < MF. rai < L. radius rod, ray.

Raye f (Am.) especially feminine form of Ray.

Rayna f (Am.) misspelling of Reyna; see also Regina.

Reene f (Am.) possibly an alteration of Renee.

Refugio m (Am.) < Sp. Refugio city in Texas < refugio refuge < L. refugium < refugere to flee back, to run away < re- back + fugere to run.

Regina f (L.) L. regina queen < regere to rule; cf. Rex.

Regine f (Du., G., Swed., Dan.) < L. Regina.

Reina f (Sp.) queen < L. regina queen; see Regina.

Remedius m (LL.) < L. remedium < re- again + mederi to heal.

Remigio m (It.) < L. Remedius.

Rémy m (F.) < L. Remedius.

Rena f (Sp., Am.) short form of Renata.

Rene or Renae f (Am.) variants of Renee.

Renata f (L., Sp., Port., It., E.) feminine form of Renatus.

Renate f (E.) < L. Renata.

Renato m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Renatus.

Renatus m (LL.) L. renatus born again, past. part. of renasci < re- again + nasci to be born.

Renay m (Am.) < F. René.

Rene m (Am.) < F. René.

René m (F.) < L. Renatus.

Renee f (Am.) < F. Renée.

Renée f (F.) < L. Renata.

Renetta f (Am.) < F. Renette.

Renette f (F., E.) diminutive form of Renée.

Renita f (Sp., Am.) diminutive form of Rena.

Rex m (Am.) L. rex king < regere to rule.

Reyna f (Sp., Am.) OSp. reyna (Sp. reina - see Reina) queen < L. regina; see Regina.

Rio m (Sp.) Sp. rio river < L. rivus stream.

Rita f (Sp., Port., It., Am., Rus., Ukr.) short form of Margarita.

Rochel or Rochell f (Am.) variants of Rochelle.

Rochelle f (Am.) < F. La Rochelle, town and port on the French Atlantic cost; litteraly little rock, diminutive < roche < VL. *rocca rock.

Rocio f (Sp., Am.) Sp. rocio dew < L. roscidus dewy < ros, roris dew.

Roman m (F., E., Rus., Bul.) < L. Romanus.

Romana f (L., Sp., It., Am.) feminine form of Romanus (Romano).

Romaine f (Am.) < F. Romaine Roman woman < L. Romana, feminine form of Romanus.

Romano m (Sp., It.) < L. Romanus.

Romános m (Gk.) (™qwmAnoS) < L. Romanus.

Romanus m (L.) L. Romanus citizen of Rome, Roman; < Roma Rome < Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome.

Romelia f (Am.) < Turkish Rumeli the land of the Romans (i.e. Byzantines) (so were called the Ottoman possessions on the Balkans) < Gk. ™qWmh < L. Roma Rome.

Romeo m (It., E.) MIt. Romeo of Rome. Best known as the hero of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Rosa f (L., Sp., Port., It., Am.) L. rosa rose.

Rosalba f (Sp., Am.) < Sp. rosa alba white rose < L. rosa + albus.

Rosalee f (Am.) spelling variant of Rosalie.

Rosalia f (Sp., Am.) Sp. < L. rosarius of rose with dissimilation of r-r in r-l.

Rosalie f (F., Am.) F. < L. rosarius of rose with dissimilation of r-r in r-l.

Rosalina f (Sp., Am.) variant of Rosalinda.

Rosalind f (Am.) < Rosalinda.

Rosalinda f (Sp., Port., It., Am.) < Sp. / Port. / It. rosa linda beautiful rose < L. rosa + limpidus; see Rosa and Linda. The name of characters in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and "Loves Labour Lost".

Rosaline f (Am.) Anglicized form of Rosalina.

Rosalva f (Port., Am.) < Port. rosa alva white rose < L. rosa + alba.

Rosalyn f (Am.) spelling variant of Rosaline.

Rosanne f (Am.) < Rose + Anne, may be influenced by the name Roxanne (which is of Persian origin).

Roscius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < roscidus dew covered < ros, roris dew; cf. Sp. Rocio (Rosio).

Rose f (F., E.) F. rose rose < L. rosa.

Rosemary f (E.) < Rose + Mary.

Rosina f (It.) pet form of Rosa.

Rosio f (Am.) spelling variant of Rocio.

Rosita f (Sp.) pet form of Rosa.

Roy mf (E.) < OF. roy king < L. rex, regis king < regere to rule.

Royal m (E.) ME. roial < MF. royal < L. regalis royal < rex, regis king. Possibly from a surname.

Roza f (Pol., Rus., Bul.) < L. Rosa.

Rozali f (Bul.) (Ðîçàëè) < F. Rosalie.

Rozalia f (Bul.) (Ðîçàëèÿ) < Sp. Rosalia.

Rubi or Rubie f (E.) spelling variants of Ruby.

Rubin m (E.) < ML. rubinus < L rubeus reddish, akin to L. ruber red. Cf. Ruby.

Ruby f (E.) ME. < MF. rubi(s) ruby, alteration of robin, < ML. rubinus < L rubeus reddish, akin to L. ruber red.

Rubye f (E.) spelling variant of Ruby.

Rufina f (L.) feminine form of Rufinus.

Rufinus m (L.) < L. rufus reddish. Tyrannius Rufinus (fl. 345-411 A.D.) was a famous early Cristian theologian.

Rufus m (E.) < L. rufus reddish. Nickname of William II (ruled 1087-1100), king of England.

Russ m (Am.) short form of Russell.

Russel m (Am.) spelling variant of Russell.

Russell mf (E.) OF. rousselle, feminine form of roussel, which is diminutive < OF. rous (F. roux, rousse) < L. russus reddish. Originally used as a surname.