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Quentin m (Am.) variant of Quintin.

Quinctius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < L. quintus (OL. quinctus) fifth < quinque five.

Quincy m (E.) < L. Quintius.

Quintilianus m (L.) born in the month of Quintilis (i.e. July); < L. Quintilis the fifth month of the year (later renamed Julius, i.e. July) (the ancient Roman year begins in the month of March); < quintus fifth < quinque five. Marcus Fabius Quintilianus (fl. 35-95 A.D.) was a famous Roman rhetor.

Quintin m (E.) < L. Quintius.

Quintino m (It.) < L. Quintius.

Quintinus m (L.) belonging to Quintus; see Quintus.

Quintius m (L.) variant of Quinctius.

Quinton m (Am.) variant of Quintin.

Quinta f (L.) feminine form of Quintus.

Quintus m (L.) fifth < quinque five. Name originally given to the fifth child.

Quirinus m (L.) Major Roman deity ranking close to Jupiter and Mars and very similar in his functions to the latter; be the 1 c. B.C. Quirinus was completely identified with Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome. The name means litterally he of the Quirium - Quirium being the name of the very ancient Sabine community which was united with Rome; < covirium assembly of men; < co- with, together + vir man.