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Octave m (F.) < L. Octavius.

Octavia f (L., Sp., Port., E.) feminine form of Octavius (Octavio). Octavia (69-11 B.C.) was full sister of emperor Augustus and wife of Mark Antony.

Octavianus m (L.) < L. octavus eighth < octo eight. Cf. Octavius.

Octavio m (Sp., Port.) < L. Octavius.

Octavius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens to which belonged emperor Augustus before being adopted by Caesar; < L. octavus eighth < octo eight.

Oliva f (L., Sp., Port., It., E.) < L. oliva < Gk. §laia, V olive..

Olive m (F., E.) < L. Oliva.

Oliver m (OF., E.) olive tree < olive olive < L. oliva < Gk. §laia, V olive. Oliver was the feal companion of Roland, the great hero of the French epic poetry.

Olivera m (Serb.) < OF. Oliver.

Oliverio m (Sp.) < OF. Oliver.

Olivia f (L., Sp., Port., It., E.) < L. oliva < Gk. §laia, V olive..

Olivier [Oli'vjE] m (F., G.) < OF. Oliver.

Oliviero m (It.) < OF. Oliver.

Ollie m (E.) pet form of Oliver.

Onorio m (It.) < L. Honorius.

Ora f (Am.) L. ora pray!, imperative of orare to pray.

Orazio m (It.) < L. Horatius.

Oris m (E.) misspelled vulgar variant of Horace.

Orsola f (It.) < L. Ursula.

Orson m (E.) < OF. orson (ourson) little bear < orse (ourse) < L. ursus bear.

Ortensia f (It.) < L. Hortensia.

Ortensio f (It.) < L. Hortensius.

Orville m (E.) Name invented by writer Fanny Burney in 1778; it contains the F. element ville city.

Ottavia f (It.) < L. Octavia.

Ottavio m (It.) < L. Octavius.

Ovid m (E.) < L. Ovidius.

Ovidio m (It.) < L. Ovidius.

Ovidius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens. Publius Ovidius Naso (43 B.C. - 17 A.D.) was great Roman lyrical poet.