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Napoleon m (Am.) < F. Napoléon.

Napoléon m (F.) < It. Napoleone. Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was emperor of French (ruled 1804-1815), famous for his many wars and victories.

Napoleón m (Sp.) < F. Napoléon.

Napoleone m (It.) The second element (-leone) is from It. leone lion. See Leo.

Natal m (Sp.) < L. Natalis.

Natalia f (L., Sp., It., Pol., Rus., Bul.) feminine form of Natalis.

Natalie f (F., E., G.) < L. Natalia.

Natalis m (L.) abridged of Natalis Domini Lord's Birthday (Christmas).

Natasha f (Rus.) (Íàòàøà) pet form of Natalia.

Nathalie f (F.) variant of Natalie.

Natale m (It.) < L. Natalis.

Natalino m (It.) diminutive of Natale.

Natividad f (Sp.) Christmas < L. nativitas, -atis birth.

Neva f (Am.) shortened form of Nevada.

Nevada f (Sp., Am.) < Sp. nevado snowy < L. nivatus < nix, nivis snow.

Nimbus m (L.) a luminous cloud about a god when on earth, akin to L. nebula cloud.

Noël m (F.) < L. Natalis.

Noel m (E.) < F. Noël.

Noelia, Noella or Noelle f (Am.) feminine form of Noel.

Noëlle f (F.) feminine form of Noël.

Nona f (L., Sp., It., E., Rus., Bul.) ninth < nonus nine; the name was originally given to the ninth child born.

Nora f (Sp., It., E., Pol., Rus., Bul.) abridged form of L. honor honor.

Norah f (Am.) misspelled variant of Nora.

Noreen or Norene f (E.) pet form of Nora.

Norma f (It.) obviously < L. norma carpenter's square, standard, pattern; the name was introduced by Felice Romani, the opera writer.

Nova f (L., Am.) < L. novus new.

Novella f (Am.) < L. novellus, diminutive of novus new.

Numbers mf (Am.) ME. nombres < OF. nombres < L. numeri numbers, name of a Biblical book.