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Mabel f (Am.) shortened form of Mabelle.

Mabelle f (E.) < F. ma belle my fair maid < L. mea bella.

Mable f (Am.) variant of Mabel.

Magnus m (L., Swed.) L. magnus great. Used as a suffix to the names of rulers in Scandinavian countries.

Maia f (L.) The name of a Roman goddess, mother of Mercury.

Major m (Am.) < L. major greater, larger.

Maksim m (Rus., Bul.) (Ìàêñèì) < L. Maximus.

Malcolm m (E., Scott.) disciple of St Columba; see Columba.

Malcom m (Am.) simplified form of Malcolm.

Mallorie or Mallory mf (E.) < OF. malheur misfortune < mal bad + heure hour, ultimately < L. malus and hora. From a surname which originated from a nickname.

Malvina f (It., Am.) belonging to mallow-plant; L. malvinus < malva mallow-plant.

Manda f (Am.) shortened form of Amanda.

Mandi, Mandie or Mandy f (Am.) pet forms of Manda.

Manlius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens.

Marc m (F.) < L. Marcus.

Marcel m (F.) < L. Marcellus.

Marcela f (Sp., Am.) < L. Marcella.

Marcelene f (Am.) misspelled form of Marceline.

Marcelina f (Sp., Am.) < L. Marcellina.

Marceline f (Am.) Americanized form of Marcelina.

Marcell f (Am.) < F. Marcelle.

Marcella f (L., It. [mar'tSella], E.) feminine form of Marcellus.

Marcelle f (F., Am.) < L. Marcellina.

Marcellina f (L., It.) feminine form of Marcellinus.

Marcellino m (It.) < L. Marcellinus.

Marcellinus m (L.) belonging to the Marcella gens; see Marcellus. St Marcellinus was a Roman pope and martyr (d. 304 A.D.).

Marcellus m (L., E.) Name of a Roman gens. Marcus Claudius Marcellus (268-208 B.C.) was a Roman general who captured Syracuse - the city of Archimedes. Another Marcus Claudius Marcellus (42-23 B.C.) was nephew to emperor August and to him was dedicated a famous theater in Rome. The name of Marcellus was borne by two Roman popes, also.

Marci f (Am.) shortened form of Marcia.

Marcia f (L., E.) feminine form of Marcius.

Marcie f (Am.) pet form of Marcia.

Marcius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; possibly < marcere to be enfeebled.

Marco m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Marcus.

Marcus m (L., G.) Popular Roman name of uncertain origin. St Mark was the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament.

Marcy f (Am.) Americanized form of Marcia.

Marga f (Bul.) pet form of Margarita.

Margaret f (E.) < L. Margarita.

Margarete f (G.) < L. Margarita.

Margarethe f (G.) misspelled variant of Margarete.

Margarette f (Am.) variant of Margaret.

Margarita f (L., Sp., Port., It., Pol.) < L. margarita pearl and sort of flower < Gk. mArgaron pearl.

Margarite f (Lat.Am.) < L. Margarita.

Margeret, Margert or Margery (Am.) f variants of Margaret.

Margherita f (It.) < L. Margarita.

Margie, Margit or Margo (Am.) f pet forms of Margaret.

Margorie f (Am.) < Margaret.

Margot [maR'go] f (F.) pet form of Marguerite.

Margret or Margrett (Am.) f syncoped forms of Margaret.

Margrete or Margrethe (Dan.) f < L. Margarita.

Marguerita f (Am.) Americanized form of It. Margherita.

Marguerite f (F.) < L. Margarita.

Margurite f (Am.) Americanized form of It. Marguerite.

Margy (Am.) f pet form of Margaret.

Maria f (L.) feminine form of Marius, not to be confounded with the Christian name Maria which is derived from Heb. Mariam.

Maricruz f (Sp., Am.) < Heb. Maria(m) + Sp. cruz < L. crux, crucis cross.

Marin m (Rus., Bul., Rum.) < L. Marinus.

Marín m (Sp.,) < L. Marinus.

Marina f (L., Sp., Port., It., E., G., Du.., Swed., Pol., Rus., Bul.) feminine form of Marinus.

Marino m (Port., It.) < L. Marinus.

Marinos m (Gk.) (MarInoS) < L. Marinus.

Marinus f (L., E., G., Du.., Swed.) L. marinus seaborne, marine < mare sea.

Mario m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Marius.

Maris f (ML.) from the epithet of Holy Mary stella maris star of the sea.

Marisa f (Sp.) Hispanized form of Maris.

Marissa f (Am.) Americanized form of Marisa.

Marius m (L., E., G., Pol., Bul.) Name of a Roman plebeian gens. Gajus Marius was a prominent Roman general, elected 7 times consul of the Republic (fl. 157-86 B.C.).

Marjorie or Marjory f (Am.) palatalized forms of Margaret.

Mark m (E.) < L. Marcus.

Marko m (Bul., Rus., Serb.) (Ìàðêî) < Gk. MArkoS < L. Marcus.

Márkos m (Gk.) (MArkoS) < L. Marcus.

Marlon m (E.) possibly a pet form of Marc.

Marna f (Am.) syncoped form of Marina.

Marni or Marnie f (Am.) pet forms of Marna.

Marsha f (Am.) phonetic spelling of Marcia.

Mars m (L.) Name of the Roman god of war to whom was called the month of March - in this month the Romans used to begin their military campaigns.

Marta f (Sp., Port., It., E., Swed., Rus., Bul.) abridged < L. Martina. Not to be confounded with Martha (and its variants Marth, Marthe etc.), which is of Hebrew origin.

Martial [mar'sjal] m (F.) < L. Martialis.

Martialis m (L.) belonging to Mars; < Mars, Martis + -alis adjectival suffix.

Martim m (Port.) < L. Martinus.

Martin m (F. [maR't}], Rum., E., G., Rus., Bul.) < L. Martinus.

Martín m (Sp.) < L. Martinus.

Martina m (L., Sp., Port., It., E., G., Du., Cz., Pol., Rus., Bul., Gk. etc.) feminine form of Martinus.

Martinho [maÒ'tèNu] m (Port.) < L. Martinus.

Martino m (It.) < L. Martinus.

Martinu m (Cz.) < L. Martinus.

Martinus m (L., Du.) belonging to Mars, the Roman god of war.

Marty m (Am.) pet form of Martin.

Marziale [mar'tsjale] m (It.) < L. Martialis.

Massimiliana m (It.) < ML. Maximilliana.

Massimiliano m (It.) < ML. Maximillianus.

Massimo m (It.) < L. Maximus.

Maura f (L., Sp., It., Am.) feminine form of Maurus.

Maureen f (Am.) variant of Maurine.

Maurice m (F., E.) < LL. Mauritius.

Mauricio m (Sp.) < LL. Mauritius.

Maurício m (Port.) < LL. Mauritius.

Mauricius or Mauritius m (LL.) < LL. maurus moorish, arabian < Gk. ma`roS black. St Maurice was a Roman soldier, commander of the Theban legion, completed with Egyptian soldiers; they were called upon by emperor Maxentius to help quash a Christian rebellion in Gaul (France), but being themselves Christians they refused to fight against their brethren; Maurice and his comrades SS Exuperius, Vitalis and Candidus were martyred and killed by the emperor (c. A.D. 286).

Maurine f (Am.) diminutive form of Maura.

Maurita f (Sp., Am.) diminutive form of Maura.

Maurits m (Du..) < LL. Mauritius.

Maurizio m (It.) < LL. Mauritius.

Mauro m (It.) < LL. Maurus.

Maurus m (LL.) < LL. maurus moorish, arabian < Gk. ma`roS black. Cf. LL. Mauritius.

Mavis f (E.) < MF. mauvis song thrush < OE. *maew.

Max m (F., E., G.) shortened form of Maxime (Maximus).

Maxima f (L., Sp., Am.) feminine form of Maximus (Maximo).

Maxime m (F., E.) < L. Maximus.

Maximilian m (G.) < ML. Maximillianus.

Maximiliana f (Sp.) < ML. Maximilliana.

Maximiliano m (Sp.) < ML. Maximillianus.

Maximillian m (E., G.) < ML. Maximillianus.

Maximilliana f (ML.) feminine form of Maximillianus.

Maximillianus m (ML.) < L. maxime most + mille thousand. Name of a third century saint.

Maximilien [maksimi'lj}] m (F.) < ML. Maximillianus.

Maximilienne [maksimi'ljEn] f (F.) < ML. Maximilliana.

Maxmilien [maksmi'lj}] m (F.) variant of Maximilien.

Maximina f (L., Sp., Am.) feminine form of Maximinus.

Maximinus m (L.) < L. maximus the greatest.

Maximo m (Sp., Port.) < L. Maximus.

Maximus m (L.) the greatest; superlative degree of magnus great; see Magnus.

May f (E.) < L. Maia (Maja).

Melinda f (E.) on the pattern of Belinda, the element mel- obviously derived from L. mel honey.

Melville m (E.) honey city; derived from a French place name, used originally as a surname; < F. miel honey + ville city, ultimately < L. mel honey + villa villa.

Melvin m (E.) < F. miel honey + vin wine, ultimately < L. mel honey + vinum wine.

Melvyn m (E.) variant of Melvin.

Mercedes f (Sp.) mercy < L. merces, -edis recompense, price, salary < mercor to buy. In Spanish-speaking word the name became popular because of the title of Holy Mary, Maria de las Mercedes Mary of Mercies. Cf. Mercy.

Mercurius m (L.) Name of the Roman god of commerce; < mercari to buy; the same root as in mercatum market, merx merchandise, mercenarius mercenary etc.

Mercy f (E.) compassion < OF. merci < L. merces, -edis recompense, price, salary < mercari to buy.

Merle mf (E.) < OF. merle blackbird < L. merula; cf. Merula.

Merrill mf (E.) variant of Merle.

Merula f (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < L. merula blackbird.

Meryl f (E.) variant of Merrill.

Messalina or Messallina f (L.) Name of a woman belonging to Messala (Messalla) family of the Roman gens Valeria; possibly < messis harvest. Valeria Messalina (22-48 A.D.) was the third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, notorious for licentious behaviour and instigating murderous court intrigues.

Meta f (G.) pet form of Margaret.

Mia f (It.) my < L. mea.

Miles m (E.) probably < L. miles soldier.

Mindy f (Am.) short form of Melinda.

Minerva f (L.) Name of the Roman goddess of wisdom, approximately equivalent to the Gk. goddess Athena; the meaning of the name is unknown,, it is of Etruscan origin.

Mira f (L., E.) wonderful < mirari to wonder, to admire.

Mirabelle f (F.) < Mira + Bella.

Miranda f (L., Sp., Port., It., G.) she that must be admired, passive future participle < mirari to wonder, to admire. Name of the heroine of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

Mireille [mi'Rej] f (F.) < L. Mira with the diminutive suffix -eille < L. -ella. Mireille Mathieu is a prominent French singer.

Mirella f (It.) < L. Mira with the diminutive suffix -ella.

Modest m (G., Rus.) < L. Modestus.

Modesta m (L., Sp., Port., It.) feminine form of Modestus.

Modeste m (F.) < L. Modestus.

Modesto m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Modestus.

Modestus m (L.) L. modestus modest < modus measure, size.

Mona f (It., E.) short form of Monica.

Moneta f (L.) epithet of Juno, the supreme Romasn goddes; < monere to warn, to admonish. The Romans coined the money in the temple of Juno Moneta, hence moneta began to mean money.

Monica f (LL., Sp., Port., It., G.) Of uncertain, possibly African origin. St Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine, father of the Western church.

Monika f (Pol., Bul., Rus.) < LL. Monica.

Monique f (F.) < LL. Monica.

Monte m (It., Am.) It. monte < L. mons, montis mount.

Monty m (Am.) pet form of Monte.

Moritz m (G.) < LL. Mauritius.

Morris m (E.) < LL. Mauritius.

Morten m (Dan.) < L. Martinus.

Mortimer m (E.) [dweller by] the still water < OF. mort mer dead sea < L. mortum mare. Originally a surname.