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Lacey mf (E.) < a French place name.

Laetitia f (L., E.) gladness, happiness, joy < laetus glad, happy.

Lagina f (Am.) < It. Gina, prefixed with the feminine definite article la.

Lance m (E.) short form of Lancelot.

Lancelot m (F., E.) < It. Lancellotto. Lancelot was a knight of the Round Table.

Lancellotto m (It.) masculine form, originating < OIt. l'ancella the maid servant with diminutive suffix -tt-; < L. ancilla slave girl.

Lancerote m (Sp.) < F. Lancelot, through distant dissimilation of l-l into l-r.

Lareyna f (Sp.) < Sp. la reina the queen < L. illa regina this queen. Cf. Reina.

Larry m (E.) pet form of Laurence.

Lars m (Swed.) < L. Laurentius.

Ladonna f (Am.) < Donna, prefixed with the Italian feminine definite article la.

Latasha f (Am.) < Tasha, prefixed with the Spanish feminine definite article la.

Latisha f (Am.) variant of Letitia.

Latonya f (Am.) An alteration of Tonya which is from Antonia.

Latoya f (Am.) variant of Latonya.

Launcelot m (OF., E.) spelling variant of Lancelot.

Laura f (L., Sp., Port., It., E.) grammatically feminized form of L. laurus laurel tree.

Laure f (F.) < L. Laura.

Laureen f (Am.) pet form of Laura.

Laurel f (E.) ME. lorel < OF. lorier laurel tree < lor laurel < L. laurus.

Lauren f (E.) pet form of Laura or a feminine form of Laurence.

Laurence m (E.) < L. Laurentius; see also Lawrence.

Lauretta f (It., Am.) pet form of Laura.

Laurie f (E.) pet form of Laura.

Laurinda f (Am.) < Laura + Linda.

Laurentius m (L.) inhabitant of Laurentum, city in Central Italy. St Laurence was a third century martyr.

Laverna f (L.) Name of the Roman goddess of profit; she was believed to protect the thieves.

Laverne f (Am.) < L. Laverna.

Lavina f (L., E.) variant of Lavinia.

Lavinia f (L., E.) feminine form of Lavinius. In Roman legend Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus, the wife of Aeneas, and the ancestor of the Roman people.

Lavinius m (L.) inhabitant of Lavinum, city in Central Italy.

Lawrence m (E.) form of Laurence.

Lawson m (E.) syncoped form of ME. Lawrenceson son of Lawrence; see Lawrence.

Leão [le{o] m (Port.) < L. Leo.

Lee mf (Am.) short form of Leo, Leon or Leslie.

Lemoine m (Am.) Originally French surname; < le moine the monk < L. monachus < Gk. mOnacoS < mOnoS alone.

Leo m (L., E.) L. leo, -onis lion < Gk. lEwn, -ontoS lion < Egyptian lawai (labai).

Leon m (G., Pol., E.) < L. Leo.

Léon m (F.) < L. Leo.

León m (Sp.) < L. Leo.

Leona f (Sp.) feminine form of León.

Leroy m (F., E.) < F. le roi (MF. le roy) the king < L. rex, regis king < regere to rule.

Létice f (F.) < L. Laetitia.

Leticia f (Sp., Port.) < L. Laetitia.

Letitia f (E.) < L. Laetitia.

Letizia f (It.) < L. Laetitia.

Lili f (G., Bul.) < L. Lilia.

Lilia f (LL., Swed., Bul.) < L. lilium lily. The lily is a symbol of purity.

Liliana f (LL., E. ) < L. lilianus of lily < lilia lily.

Liliane or Lilianne f (F., E.) < L. Liliana.

Lily f (E.). < L. Lilia.

Lilyana f (Bul.) (Ëèëÿíà) < L. Liliana.

Linda f (Sp., Port., It., Du., E., Cz.) beautiful < VL. limpdo < CL. limpidus clear.

Lindy f (E.) pet form of Linda.

Linette f (E.) pet form of Lynn.

Linnette f (E.) pet form of Lynn.

Lionel m (F., E.) diminutive form < lion; see Leo.

Lola f (Sp.) pet form of Dolores.

Lolita f (Sp.) diminutive form of Lola.

Lora f (Sp., It., Am. Bul.) < L. Laura.

Loren f (Am.) variant of Lauren.

Lorena f (Am.) Hispanized form of Loren.

Lorenzo m (It.) < L. Laurentius.

Loretta f (Am.) variant of Lauretta.

Lori f (Am.) pet form of Lora.

Lorinda f (Am.) variant of Laurinda.

Lorrie f (Am.) pet form of Lora.

Lourdes f (E.) < F. Lourdes, a city in Southwestern France, which is a great pilgrimage center.

Lourenço m (Port.) < L. Laurentius.

Lucia f (L., Sp., Port., It., E.) feminine form of Lucius.

Luciano [lu'tSanO] m (It.) < L. Lucianus.

Lucianus m (L.) belonging to Lucius; see Lucius.

Lucie [ly'si] f (F.) < L. Lucia.

Lucien [ly'sj}] m (F.) < L. Lucianus.

Lucilla f (Sp., Am.) pet form of Lucia.

Lucille f (F.) pet form of Lucie.

Lucina f (L., Am.) surname of Juno, the Roman chief goddess, as a protector of the childbearing women.

Lucinda f (Am.) alteration of L. lucinda she that is to be shined < lucere to shine.

Lucio m (It.) < L. Lucius.

Lucius m (L.) < L. lux, lucis light.

Lucjan m (Pol.) < L. Lucianus.

Lucrèce f (F.) < L. Lucretia.

Lucrecia f (Sp.) < L. Lucretia.

Lucretia f (L.) feminine form of Lucretius. Lucretia, the beautiful and virtuous wife of the Roman nobleman Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus, was raped by Sextus Tarquinius, son of Lucius Tarquinius Superbus, the tyrannical Etruscan king of Rome. After exacting an oath of vengeance against the Tarquins from her father and her husband, she stabbed herself to death. Lucius Junius Brutus then led the enraged populace in a rebellion that drove the Tarquins from Rome. The event (traditionally dated 509 BC) marks the foundation of the Roman Republic. Lucretia's story is recounted in Shakespeare's narrative poem "The Rape of Lucrece".

Lucretius m (L.) Name of a Roman gens; < lucrum profit.

Lucrezia f (It.) < L. Lucretia.

Lucy f (E.) < L. Lucia.

Lupe f (Sp.) short form of Guadalupe.

Lupita f (Sp.) pet form of Lupe.

Luz f (Sp.) light < L. lux, lucis light.

Luzia f (Port.) < L. Lucia.

Lyle m (E.) < OF. l'isle the island < L. insula island.

Lynette f (Am.) diminutive form of Lynn.

Lynn f (Am.) short form of Linda.