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Jada f (E.) Latinized form of Jade.

Jade f (E.) < F. jade < Sp. (piedra de la) ijada lit. loin stone < L. ilia pl. flanks; it was believed that jade cures renal colic.

Januário m (Port.) < L. Januarius.

Januarius m (L., E., G.) born in January < L. Janus Roman god of doorways (januae) and archways (jani), as of the beginning of year also; he was pictured as two-faced creature.

Jay m (E.) form of Gajus.

Jill f (E.) form of Gillian.

Joy f (E.) < OF. joie joy < L. gaudia (pl. of gaudium) < gaudere to rejoice.

Joyce f (E.) shortened < to rejoice to gladden < MF. rejoir < re- again + joir < L. gaudere to rejoice.

Jule m (E.) < F. Jules.

Jules m (F.) < L. Julius.

Julia f (L.) feminine form of Julius.

Julian m (E.) < L. Julianus.

Julián [xu'ljan] m (Sp.) < L. Julianus.

Juliana f (L., Sp. [xu'ljana], Port., E.) feminine form of Julianus (Julian, Julián).

Juliane f (G.) < L. Juliana.

Julianne f (E.) feminine form of Julian.

Julianus m (L., G.) pertaining to gens Julia, see Julius. Emperor Julianus (ruled 361-363 A.D.) tried to restore the ancient pagan religion in the Roman empire.

Julie f (F. [Jy'li], E.) < L. Julia.

Julien m (F. [Jy'lj}]) < L. Julianus.

Julienne f (F. [Jy'ljEn]) < L. Juliana.

Juliet f (E.) diminutive form of Julie on the pattern of the It. Giulietta. Juliet is the lover of Romeo in Shakespeares play.

Juliette f (F. [Jy'ljEt], E.) diminutive form of Julie.

Julius m (L., E., G.) belonging to the gens of Julus; see Julus. Name of a Roman gens, to which belonged Julius Caesar and emperor August. Both of them pretended the name originates from Julus, the son of Aeneas and the goddess of love Venus.

Julus m (L.) Name of mythical Roman heroes, son of Aeneas and the goddess of love Venus.

June f (E.) < L. Juno.

Junius m (L., E., G.) < L. juvenis young or masculine form of Juno. Used as name of a Roman gens.

Juno f (L.) Name of the chief Roman goddess. She was connected with all aspects of the life of women, most particularly married life.

Justin m (F. [Jy'st}], E.) < L. Justinus.

Justina f (L., Sp. [xu'stina], Port. [Ju'stin^]) feminine form of Justinus.

Justine [Jy'stin] f (F.) < L. Justina.

Justinianus m (L.) belonging to the gens of Justinus. Justinianus I (ruled 527-565) was the greatest Byzantine emperor, who codified the Roman law.

Justino f (Sp. [xu'stinO], Port.) < L. Justinus.

Justinus m (L.) < L. justus just < jus law, justice. St Justin (d. 165 A.D.) was am early Christian martyr from Palestine. The name was borne by two Byzantine emperors in the 6th c. A.D.

Juventa f (L.) Roman goddess of the youth; < juventus, -utis youth < juvenis young.