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Hadrian m (G.) < Hadrianus.

Hadrianus m (L.) of Hadria (Adria) -- Hadria was a town in northern Italy (it gave its name to the Adriatic Sea). Emperor Hadrian (ruled 138-161 A.D.) was a famous bearer of the name.

Harvey m (E.) < OF. Hervé.

Harvie m (E.) variant of Harvey.

Hervé [eR've] m (F.) < Celt. battle worthy.

Honoré m (F.) honored < L. honoratus < honor honor.

Honorio m (Sp.) < L. Honorius.

Honório m (Port.) < L. Honorius.

Honorius m (L.) < L. honor honor.

Honos f (L.) ancient Roman deified abstraction of honor; honos is an earlier form of honor honor.

Horace m (F., E.) < L. Horatius.

Horacio m (Sp., Port.) < L. Horatius.

Horatius m.  Name of a Roman gens. There were three brothers of this gens, who had to meet in combat three Alban brothers (Curiatii) during a war between Rome and Alba Longa in the 7th c. B.C.. It was agreed that the outcome of this combat should predetermine the settlement of the dispute between the fightins parts.In the contest two of the Horatii were quickly killed, but the third, feigning flight, managed to slay his wounded pursuers one by one. When the survivor entered Rome in triumph, his sister recognized among his trophies a cloak she had made for one of the Curiatii to whom she was betrothed. She could not conceal her grief and was killed by her brother, who declared, "So perish any Roman woman who mourns the enemy." For this act Horatius was condemned to death, but he was saved by an appeal to the people.

Horaz m (G.) < L. Horatius.

Hortense m (F.) < L. Hortensius.

Hortensia f (L., Sp., Port., It.) feminine form of Hortensius.

Hortensio m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Hortensius.

Hortensius m (L) < L. hortus fruit garden. Name of a Roman gens.