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Gaja f (L.) feminine form of Gajus.

Gajus m (L.) meaning unknown; very popular Roman name. Gajus and Gaja are identified with the very idea of Man and Woman in the Roman tradition, cf. the wedding oath of brides: Ubi tu, Gajus -- ibi ego, Gaja Where you (will be) Gajus, there I (will be), Gaja.

Gay f (E.) < MF. gai merry < Goth. *gahais lively.

Gaye f (E.) form of Gay.

Gema f (Am.) < It. Gemma.

Gemma f (It.) < L. gemma bud, gem.

Gennaro m (It.) < L. Januarius. St Gennaro (d. 305? A.D.) is the patron saint of Naples.

Germaine f (E.) ME. germain having the same parents < MF. germain < L. germanus < germen, germinis sprout, bud, shoot ultimately < gignere to give birth to, to beget.

Gigi f (F., E.) pet form of Virginia, Virginie.

Gil [xil] m (Sp.) < L. Aegidius.

Giles m (E.) < F. Gilles < L. Aegidius.

Gilles [Jil] m (F.) < L. Aegidius.

Gillian f (E.) variant of Julianne.

Gina f (It., E.) short form of Regina.

Ginger f (E.) pet form of Virginia.

Ginny f (E.) pet form of Virginia.

Giulia f (It.) < L. Julia.

Giuliana f (It.) < L. Juliana.

Giuliano m (It.) < L. Julianus.

Giulietta m (It.) diminutive form of Giulia.

Giulio m (It.) < L. Julius.

Giustina f (It.) < L. Justina.

Giustiniano m (It.) < L. Justinianus.

Giustino m (It.) < L. Justinus.

Gloria f (L., Sp., It., E.) < L. gloria glory.

Glória f (Port.) < L. Gloria.

Grace f (E.) < OF. < L. gratia grace.

Gracia f (Sp.) < L. gratia grace.

Gracián m (Sp.) < L. Gratianus.

Gracie f (Am.) diminutive of Grace.

Graciela f (Am.) diminutive form of Grace.

Grant m (E.) < F. grand < L. grandis great.

Gratianus m (L.) < gratus pleasing, agreable.

Gratien [gRa'sj}] m (F.) < L. Gratianus.

Grayce f (Am.) misspelled variant of Grace.

Graziano m (It.) < L. Gratianus.

Grosvenor m (E.) < NF. gros venour great hunter; gros < Teut. groz great, venour < L. venari to hunt.

Guadalupe f (Sp.) < Extremaduran dialect gua da lupe ford of the she-wolf; gua is < VL. *wado (influenced by the Gmc. *wad, cf. E. wade and F.gué) ultimately < L. vadum ford < vadere to go; da is a contracted article; lupe is < L. lupa she-wolf. Guadalupe is a name of a town in Extremadura, Western Spain, famous for its monastery, which had its origins as a small hermitage built in the early 14th century on the spot where a shepherd had found an image of the Virgin. This shrine became known as Our Lady of Guadalupe and became a centre of pilgrimage. Saint Guadalupe is the patron saint of the Americas.