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Dacia f (Am.) < L. Dacia name of Roman province (modern Transylvania in Rumania), name of Thracian originn.

Dalia f (Am.) alteration of Dahlia.

Dahlia f (Am.) < NL. dahlia ornamental flower, named in honor to the Swed. botanist Anders Dahl (d. 1789).

Dante m (It.) giving pres. part. < dare to give < L. dare.

Darcey, Darci or Darcie (Am.) variants of Darcy.

Darcy f (E.) < F. D'Arcy from Arcy. Originally a surname of a family that came from Arcy in France.

Darden m (E.) < F. D'Ardennes from Ardennes. Originally a surname. The Ardennes is a mountainous forest in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Darrell m (E.) form of Darryl.

Darryl m (E.) < F. d'Airelle of Airelle a Norman surname; Airelle was a place name in France.

Dean m (E.) < OF. deien < LL. decanus chief of ten < Gk. dEkanoS < dEka ten.

Deanna f (E.) form of Diana or feminine form of Dean.

Deanne f (E.) form of Diane or feminine form of Dean.

Desiderio m (It.) < L. Desiderius.

Desiderius m (L., G., Du.) desiring [salvation] < desiderare to desire. A Christian name. Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536) of Rotterdam was a major humanist thinker.

Desire f (Am.) longing, craving < MF. desir < L. desiderium desire; see Desirée.

Desirée f (F.) desired < desirer < L. desiderare to desire < de- from, of + sidus, sideris heavenly body.

Destiny f (E.) < MF. destinée fem. past part. of destiner < L. destinare to destine.

Dexter m (E.) skillful < L. dexter right, adroit.

Dia f (Am.) shortened form of Diana.

Dian, Diane, Diann, Dianna or Dianne f (Am.) variants of Diana.

Diana f (L., Sp., Port., It., E., G., Pol., Rus., Bul. etc.) bright one < IE. root *di- to shine. In Roman religion Diana was the goddess of wild animals and the hunt, of domestic animals, of fertility and conception.

Diane f (F.) < L. Diana.

Digna f (LatAm., Am.) worthy, deserving < fem of L. dignus.

Dolores f (Sp.) sorrows, pl. of dolor sorrow < L. dolor. From the title of Mary, Maria de los Dolores, meaning Mary of Sorrows.

Doloris f (Am.) variant of Dolores.

Domenic m (Am.) < It. Domenico.

Domenica f (It.) < L. Dominica.

Domenico m (It.) < L. Dominicus.

Dominga f (Sp., Port.) feminine form of Domingo.

Domingo m (Sp., Port.) < L. Dominicus.

Dominic m (E.) < L. Dominicus.

Dominica f (L., E.) feminine form of Dominicus.

Dominick m (Am.) variant of Dominic.

Dominicus m (L.) of the Lord < ChL. Dominus the Lord, in CL. master of house < domus house. The name traditionally given to a child born on Sunday -- in Christian Latin Solis dies Sunday was replaced by Dominicus (dies) m or Dominica (dies) f as Jesus was crucified on this day, cf. F. dimanche, Sp. & Port. domingo, It. domenica. The name became popular with Saint Dominic who founded the Dominican order of monks.

Dominique [dOmi'nik] m f (F.) < L. Dominicus, Dominica.

Domitianus m (L.) belonging to Domitia gens, see Domitius.

Domitius m (L.) < domitus past. part. < domare to tame, ultimately < domus house.

Domitila f (L., Am.) < domitus past. part. < domare to tame, ultimately < domus house.

Dona ['dOna] f (Bul.) (Äîíà) form of Donka.

Donatello m (It.) demin. of Donato. The Florentine artist Donatello (1386-1466) was one of the greatest Renaissance masters of sculpture and painting.

Donatianus m (L.) < L. donatio donation.

Donatien [dOna'sj}] m (F.) < L. Donatianus.

Donato m (It.) < L. Donatus.

Donatus m (L.) given past. part. < donare to give.

Donka ['dOnka] f (Bul.) (Äîíêà) feminine form of Donyo or Doncho.

Doncho ['dOntSO] m (Bul.) (Äîí÷î) popular pet form of Andon < L. Antonius.

Donyo ['dOnjO] m (Bul.) (Äîíüî) popular pet form of Andon < L. Antonius.

Donna f (It., E.) It. donna lady, woman < L. domina mistress of house < domus house.

Dores ['dOreÑ] f (Port.) sorrows, pl. of dor sorrow < L. dolor.

Drusilla f (L., Am.) < Drusus name of Roman gens. Livia Drusilla (b. 58 BC - d. AD 29) was the wife of emperor Augustus.

Dulce f (Am.) shortened form of Dulcie.

Dulcie f (E.) < L. dulcis sweet.

Dulcinea f (Sp.) < L. dulcis sweet.

Dulcinée f (F.) < Sp. Dulcinea.