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Babette f (F., E., G.) pet form of Barbe (Barbara).

Balbus m (L.) stammering, stuttering.

Barbara f (L., It., Sp., Port., E., G.) < L. barbarus foreign < Gk. bArbaroS.

Barbe f (F) < L. Barbara.

Barbie f (E.) pet form of Barbara.

Barbra f (E.) variant of Barbara.

Bea f short form of Beata or Beatrix (Beatrice, Beatriz).

Beata f (L., It., Sp., Port., Pol.) happy, prosperous past participle < beare to make happy, bless.

Beate f (G., Dan., Swed., Nor.) < L. Beata.

Beatrice f (It.[bea'tritSe], E. ['bi^tris]) < L. Beatrix.

Béatrice [bea'tRis] f (F.) < L. Beatrix.

Beatris f (Am.) < L. Beatrix.

Beatrix f (L., G., E. ['bi^triks]) < L. she who makes happy < beare to make happy, bless.

Beatriz f (Sp.[bea'triT], Port. [bea'triÑ]) < L. Beatrix.

Béatrix [bea'tRiks] f (F.) < L. Beatrix.

Beau [bo] m (F.) beautiful < L. bellus.

Beaumont m (F. [bo'm_], E. ['b^um^nt]) beautiful mount < F. beau beautiful + mont mount, ultimately < L. bellus, 3 beautiful + mons, -ntis mount.

Beauregard (F. [boR^'ga:R], E. [b^uri'ga:d]) m good look < F. beau good + regard look. The name became popular in the USA after the Civil war (1861-1865) - P.G.T. Beauregard (1818-1893) was a Confederate general.

Belinda f (Sp., Port., It., Am.) nice and beautiful (Sp./Port), or beautiful and clean (It.); < Sp. Port. It. bella beautiful, nice + linda (Sp., Port.) beautiful, (It.) clean; crossing between Be(lla) + Linda; see Bella and Linda.

Bell f (Am.) shortened of Bella (Belle).

Bella f (Am., Rus.) beautiful < L. bella.

Belle f (F.) beautiful < L. bella.

Bellona f (L.) < L. bellum war. Bellona was the Roman goddess of war and sister of Mars, the Roman god of war.

Belva f (It., Am.) It. belva beast, monster < L. belua.

Benedek m (Hung.) < L. Benedictus.

Benedetta f (It.) < L.  Benedicta.

Benedetto m (It.) < L. Benedictus.

Benedict m (E.) < L. Benedictus.

Bénédict [bene'dikt] m (F.) < L. Benedictus.

Benedicta f (L., Sp.) feminine form of Benedictus.

Bénédicte f (F.) < L. Benedicta.

Benedicto m (Sp.) < L. Benedictus.

Benedictus m (L.) L. benedictus blessed < bene well + dicere to say. This is a Christian name (corresponding to the Jewish Barukh) that became popular after the 6th c. onward with St. Benedict (480-547), who was the founder of a great monastic order.

Benedikt m (G., Dan., Swed., Nor., Pol.) < L. Benedictus.

Benedikte f (Dan.) < L. Benedictus.

Bénigne [be'niN] m (F.) < L. Benignus.

Benigno [be'niNO] m (It.) < L. Benignus.

Benignus m (L.) L. benignus benign, mild, favorable < bene well.

Beniño [bE'niNO] m (Sp.) < L. Benignus.

Benita f (Sp., It.) shortened form of L. Benedicta + -ita diminutive suffix.

Benito m (Sp., It.) shortened form of L. Benedictus + -ito diminutive suffix. Benito Mussolini (1883-1945) was the fascist dictator of Italy in 1922-43.

Benoît [b^'nwa] m (F.) < L. Benedictus.

Biagio m (It.) < LL. Blasius.

Bianca f (It.) < LL. Blanca.

Blaise m (F. [blEz], E..) < LL. Blasius. Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) was a French mathematician, physicist, religious philosopher, and master of French prose, laid the foundation for the modern theory of probabilities, formulated what came to be known as Pascal's law of pressure, and propagated a religious doctrine that taught the experience of God through the heart rather than through reason.

Blanca f (L., Sp.) < LL. blancus white < Frk. blank white.

Blanch or Blanche [blA:ntS] f (Am.) < F. Blanche.

Blanche [bl{:S] f (F.) < LL. Blanca.

Blasco m (Sp.) < LL. Blasius.

Blasius m (LL., G.) Of unclear origin. St Blasius (d. 316 A.D.) was an early Christian bishop and martyr, one of the most popular medieval saints, solemnly venerated as the patron saint of sufferers from throat diseases.

Blazey m (Pol.) < LL. Blasius.

Boniface m (F.) < ML. Bonifacius.

Bonifacio m (Sp. [bOni'faTiO], Port. [buni'fasiu], It. [bOni'fatSO]) < ML. Bonifacius.

Bonifacius m (ML.) well doer < bonus good + facere to do.

Bonita f (Sp.) pretty; < Sp. bueno good (unstressed bon- < L. bonus) + -ita deminutive suffix.

Bonnie f (E.) good < F. bon < L. bonus good.

Branca f (Port.) < LL. Blanca.

Britt or Britta (Am.) shortened forms of Britany.

Brittaney, Brittani or Brittanie (Am.) variants of Britany

Britannicus m (L.) < Britannia Britain.

Britany or Brittany f (E.) < OF. Britain (MF. Brétagne) < L. Britannia Britain, a name of Celtic origin.

Britney, Britni, Britteny, Brittney, Brittni or Brittny (Am.) syncoped forms of Britany.

Britton m (E.) < ML. Brito, -onis inhabitant of Britain or of Britanny.

Bruna f (Sp., Port., It., Am.) feminine form of Bruno.

Brunette f (Am.) diminutive form of Bruno.

Bruno m (Sp., Port., It., F. [bry'nO], E., G.) < ML. brunus < Teut. *brunoz burnt, brown, cf. E. to burn.

Buena f (Sp.) good, feminine of bueno < L. bonus.