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Adora f (L.) abridged < L. adoratio adoration.

Adria f (L., Am.) variation of Adriana.

Adriana f (L., It., Sp., Port., E., Rus., Bul.) feminine form of Adrianus (Adrian, Adrián, Adriano, Adriäo).

Adrianus m (L.) variation of Hadrianus.

Adrian m (E. ['eidri^n], Rus., Bul.)  < L. Adrianus.

Adrián m (Sp.) < L. Adrianus.

Adrianne ['eidri^n] f (E.) < L. Adriana.

Adriano m (It.)  < L. Adrianus.

Adriäo [ad'rj{u] m (Port.) < L. Adrianus.

Adrien [ad'Rj}] m (F.) < L. Adrianus.

Adrienne [ad'RjEn] f (F.) < L. Adriana.

Aegidius m (L., G.) < L. aegis, -idis the shield of Jippiter < Gk. aÆgIS, -IdoS, V the shield of Zeus, originally goat skin < aÇx, aÆgOS, v, V goat.

Aemilia f (L.) feminine of Aemilius.

Aemilianus m (L.) belonging to the Aemilia gens, see Aemilius.

Aemilius m (L.) < L. aemulus rival. It was used as a name of a Roman gens.

Ägidius m (G.) < L. Aegidius.

Agnes f (E., G.) < L. Agneta.

Agnès [a'NEs] f (F.) < L. Agneta.

Agnese [a'Neze] f (It.) < L. Agneta.

Agneta f (ChL., Du.) little lamb < agnus lamb + feminine diminutive suffix -eta (in CL. -ita). St Agneta (St Agnes) is a virgin and patron saint of girls, one of the most celebrated Roman martyrs.

Agnieszka [ag'NESka] f (Pol.) < L. Agneta.

Agostino m (It., Port. [Äguš'tinu]) < L. Augustinus.

Agricola m (L., G., Du.) farmer, culivater < ager field + colere to cultivate.

Agrippa m (L.) meaning unknown; it was a name of a Roman gens.

Agrippina m (L.) belonging to the gens of Agrippae. Agrippina was mother of the Roman emperor Nero (54-68 A.D.).

Aimée [E'me] f (F.) < L. Amata.

Alba f (L., It., Sp.) dawn < L. albus white.

Alban m (F.) < L. Albanus.

Albano m (It.) < L. Albanus.

Albanus m (L.) white.

Albina f (L., E.) white.

Albion m (E.) < L. Albio, -onis classical name of Britain, < albus white, because of the white cliffs along the British shores.

Allegra f (It.) merry < *VL. alecrus lively, alter. of CL. alacer, -cris happy, cheerful.

Allegria f (It.) joyfulness; see the etymology of Allegra.

Alma f (Sp.) soul < L. anima soul.

Alta f (Sp., Port., Am.) high, lofty, noble < L. alta.

Alva f (OSp., Port., Am.) < L. Alba.

Altagracia f (Sp., Port., Am.) high (i.e. divine) grace < L. alta gratia.

Amabel f (E.) < OF. amable < L. amabilis beloved < amare to love.

Amada f (Sp., Port.) loved < L. amata, past. part. < amare to love.

Amadeo m (Sp., Port., It.) < L. Amadeus.

Amadeus m (L., G.) beloved by God < amare to love + Deus God.

Amado m (Sp., Port.) loved < L. amatus, past. part. < amare to love.

Amalia f (It.) < Amelia.

Amalie f (G.) < Amelia.

Amanda f (L., It., Sp., Port.) [a woman] to be loved < fut. pass. part. of L. amare to love.

Amando m (It., Sp., Port.) < L. Amandus.

Amandus m (L.) [a man] to be loved < fut. pass. part. of L. amare to love.

Amata f (L., It.) beloved past part. of L. amare to love.

Amber f (E.); < ME. ambre < MF. ambre, see Ambre.

Ambre f (F.) amber < ML. ambra, fr. Ar. 'anbar ambergris.

Amédée m (F.) < Amadeus.

Amedeo m (It.) < L. Amadeus.

Amelia f (L., It., Sp., E.) variation of Aemilia or Emilia.

Ami m (F.) friend < L. amicus < amare to love.

Amparo f (L., Sp., Port.) I help.

Amy (1) ['eimi] f (E.) beloved < MF. past part. amée loved < L. amatus < amare to love.

Amy (2) f (E.) short form of Amelia.

Andon f (Bul.) (Àíäîí) variant of Anton.

Ángel m (Sp.) ['anxEl] < L. Angelus.

Angela f (L., It. ['andJela], E.) feminine form of Angelus.

Angelic f (E.) < L. Angelica.

Angelica f (L., It. [an'dJelika]) angelic < L. angelus angel, see Angelus.

Angélica f (Sp.) [an'xElika] < L. Angelica.

Angelina f (L., It. [andJe'lina], E.) feminine form of Angelus.

Angélique [{Je'lik] f (Fr.) < L. Angelica.

Angelo ['andJelO] m (It.) < L. Angelus.

Angelus m (L.) angel < Gk. ŸggeloS messenger < Pers.

Annabel f (E.) < F. Annabelle.

Annabella f (LL., It.) beautiful Ann < Anna a Christian name of Jewish origin + bellus beautiful.

Annabelle f (F.) < LL. Annabella.

Antoaneta f (Bul.) (Àíòîàíåòà) < F. Antoinette.

Anthony m (E.) < L. Antonius.

Antoine [{'twan] f (F.) < L. Antonius.

Antoinette [{twa'nEt] f (F.) feminine form of Antoine, formed with the diminutive suffix -ette.

Anton m (G., OS., Rus., Bul.) < L. Antonius.

Antonette f (Am.) adaptation of the F. Antoinette.

Antonia f (L., It., Sp., Port., E., OS., Pol., Rus., Bul., Serb.) feminine form of Antonius.

Antonina f (L., It., Sp., Port., E., Pol., OS., Rus., Bul.) feminine form of Antoninus.

Antoninus f (L.) < Antonius. Antoninus Pius was a mild-mannered and capable Roman emperor (ruled 138-161 A.D.)

Antonio m (It., Sp., Port.) < L. Antonius.

Antonius m (L.) < Etruscan, meaning unknown. It was a name of a Roman gens.

Antwan m (Am.) adaptation of the F. Antoine < L. Antonius.

April f (E.) < L. Aprilius.

Aprilius m (L.) < L. Aprilis April, a year month < Etruscan apru(n) < Gk. ˜‘frW abridged from ˜‘frodIth, V the Greek goddess of love.

Arabela f (Sp.) < Arabella.

Arabella f (LL., It., E.) beautiful altar < ara altar + bellus beautiful.

Arabelle f (F., G.) < Arabella.

Aracelis f (LL.) altar of the sky < ara altar + coelum (celum) sky.

Argentina f (LatAm. [arxEn'tina], Am.) < Argentina a South American state < L. argentinus of silver < argentum silver.

Asunta f (Sp.) risen to the Heavens (about Virgin Mary) < asunción which by mispronunciation was confounded with ascención < L. ascensio, -onis ascension < ascendere to ascend < ad at, towards + scandere to climb up.

August m (E., G.) < L. Augustus.

Augusta f (L.) feminine form of Augustus.

Auguste [o'gyst] m (F.) < L. Augustus.

Augustin m (F. [ogy'st}], G.) < L. Augustinus.

Augustina f (L.) feminine form of Augustinus.

Augustine (sometimes Augustin) ['OgQsti:n] m (E.) < L. Augustinus.

Augustino m (Sp.) < L. Augustus.

Augustinus f (L.) < augustus majestic, sacred, venerable.

Augusto m (It., Sp., Port.) < L. Augustus.

Augustus m (L.) majestic, sacred, venerable < augere to increase, augment, exalt.

Aura f (L., Sp., It., Am.) < L. aura air, heaven.

Aurea f (Sp., Am.) golden < L. aureus < aurum gold.

Aurèle [o'rEl] m (F.) < L. Aurelius.

Aurelia f (L., It., Sp.. E.). feminine form of Aurelius.

Auréliano m (It.) < L. Aurelianus.

Aurelianus m (L.) < aurum gold.

Aurélien [oRe'lj}] m (F.) < L. Aurelianus.

Aurelio m (Sp., Port., It.). < Aurelius.

Aurelius m (L.). < aurum gold.

Aurora f (L., It., Sp., Port.) dawn.

Aurore [o'ROR] f (F.) < L. Aurora.

Austin m (E.) < OF. < L. Augustinus.

Austine f (E.) < OF. < L. Augustina.

Autumn mf (E.) < L. autumnus autumn.

Avgust m (Rus., Bul.) (Àâãóñò) < L. Augustus.

Avgusta f (Rus., Bul.) (Àâãóñòà) < L. Augusta.

Avgustin m (Rus., Bul.) (Àâãóñòèí) < L. Augustinus.

Avgustina f (Rus., Bul.) (Àâãóñòèíà) < L. Augustina.

Avis f (Am.) < L. avis bird.

Avril f (F., Am.) < F. avril april - year month; see April, Aprilius.

Azucena [asu'Tena] f (Sp.) madonna lily.