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Descriptive Grammar of
the Lombard Language


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The materials for this page were provided by Luca Mangiat and Mauris Giusepp.


Phonetics and Orthography


  • Noun (Nome)    
    Gender of the Nouns (Gènere dei Nomi)
    Plural of the Nouns (Plural dei Nomi)
      Orthographic Particularities (Particolarità ortogràfiche)
      Particularities (Particolarità)
  • Adjective (Agetiv)   
    Gender and Number of the Adjectives (Gènere e Nùmaro dei Agetivi)
      Adjectives of two forms (Agetivi a do fórme)
      Adjectives of four forms (Agetivi a quatro fórme)
      Invariable Adjectives (Agetivi invariàbili)
      Short form Adjectives (Agetivi co fórma curta)
    Degree of the Adjectives (Gradi dei Agetivi)
      Comparative degree (Grado Conparativo)
      Absolute Superlative degree (Grado Superlativo Asoluto)
      Relative Superlative degree (Grado Superlativo Relativo)
      Irregular degrees (Gradi iregolari)
  • Adverbs (Adverbi)  
    List of Basic Adverbs (Lista de Averbi de Baxe)
    Derived Adverbs (Averbi Derivài)
    Adjectives in adverbial functions
    Adverbials (Locuthion adverbiali)
    Degree of the Adverbs (Grado dei Averbi)
      Comparative Degree (Grado Conparativo)
      Absolute Superlative Degree (Grado Superlativo Asoluto)
      Relative Superlative Degree (Grado Superlativo Relativo)
      Irregular degrees (Gradi iregolari)
  • Numbers (Nùmari)  
    Days, months and years (Date)




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