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For those sick with the traditional textbooks of Latin.




William Harris' Latin Grammar
The intelligent person's guide to the Latin Language


(published on Orbis Latinus with the author's permission)

Note: This version is not final and may contain some typos and minor errors. Since writing this first edition in l997, Professor Harris has done a new "Intelligent Person's Guide" which is over twice as long, has hundreds of interesting examples of use, with an explanatory, non-traditional study of Latin Syntax. It is now available in a printed book form as a much more readable medium. See for more information... 

  1. Preface
  2. Background
  3. The Idea of Latin Grammar
  4. The Noun System
    The First Declension.  The Second Declension.  The Third Declension.  The Fourth Declension.  The Fifth Declension.  An Excursus on "Vowel Length".
  5. The Adjective and Adverb
    The Adjectives.  Class I: Adjectives based on Declensions I and II.  Class II: Adjectives based on Declensions III.  General Notions on the Adjectives.  The "Grades" of Adjectives.  The Adverbs.
  6. The Pronouns
  7. Brief Review of the Noun, Adjective and Pronouns
  8. The Forms of the Latin Verb
    Conjugations. The Present Tense.  The Imperfect Tense.  The Future Tense.  The Perfect Tense.  The Pluperfect Tense.  The Future Perfect Tense.
  9. The Infinitives
  10. The Participles
    The Present Active ParticipleThe Perfect Passive ParticipleThe Future Active Participle.  
    The GerundiveThe GerundThe Supines
  11. The Imperative
  12. The Passive of the Verb
    Present Stem Passives in the IndicativeThe Present Passive IndicativeThe Imperfect Passive IndicativeThe Future Passive IndicativePerfect Stem Passives in the IndicativeThe Perfect Passive IndicativeThe Pluperfect Passive IndicativeThe Future Perfect Passive Indicative.
  13. The Active Subjunctive
    The Present SubjunctiveThe Imperfect SubjunctiveThe Perfect SubjunctiveThe Pluperfect Subjunctive.
  14. The Passive Subjunctive
    The Present Passive SubjunctiveThe Imperfect Passive SubjunctiveThe Perfect Passive SubjunctiveThe Pluperfect Passive Subjunctive.
  15. Conditions with the Subjunctive
  16. The Organization of Words
  17. The Ablative Absolute
  18. Indirect Discourse
  19. Subordination as Style
  20. Some Thoughts on Syntax

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