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Irregular Verbs


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      1st Conjugation      

      2nd Conjugation      
  • Avere to have 
  • Bere to drink 
  • Cadere to fall 
  • Cedere to give up, yield
  • Chiedere to ask, question
  • Chiudere to enclose 
  • Conoscere to know 
  • Correre to run 
  • Crescere to grow 
  • Dire to say, tell 
  • Dirigere to steer, direct 
  • Discutere to discuss
  • Dovere to have to, must 
  • Esigere to demand, ask for
  • Essere to be 
  • Fare to do, make 
  • Godere to enjoy 
  • Leggere to read
  • Mettere to put (in, away), insert 
  • Muovere to move 
  • Nascere to be born 
  • Parere to seem, appear, look 
  • Perdere to lose
  • Piangere to weep 
  • Porre to put
  • Potere to be able, can, may 
  • Prendere to take 
  • Rimanere to remain
  • Rispondere to answer, respond 
  • Rompere to break 
  • Sapere to know 
  • Scegliere to choose, opt, elect
  • Scrivere to write 
  • Sedere to sit 
  • Tenere to hold 
  • Valere to be worth 
  • Vedere to see
  • Vincere to vanquish, defeat
  • Vivere to be alive, live 
  • Volere to want
      3rd Conjugation        
  • Apparire to appear
  • Aprire to open 
  • Avvertire to cautiion, warn
  • Bollire to boil
  • Capire to understand
  • Costruire to build
  • Cucire to sew
  • Dormire to sleep, be asleep 
  • Fuggire to flee, run away 
  • Morire to die
  • Offrire to offer 
  • Partire to part, go
  • Salire to get in
  • Seguire to follow 
  • Sentire to listen, hear, feel
  • Servire to serve
  • Venire to come 
  • Vestire to clothe, dress
  • Verbs with modified stems
  • Irregular Future Indicative and Present Conditional Verbal Forms 
  • Irregular Present Subjunctive Verbal Forms
  • Irregular Past Participles

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