Prepositions (Preposicións)

There are some basic simple prepositions:
  • a  to
  • ante  before
  • ata  until
  • baixo  under
  • ca  than
  • canda  together with
  • coma  as, like
  • con  with
  • contra  against, near
  • de  of
  • deica  from here to
  • des (desde/dende) since,from
  • durante  during, for
  • en  in
  • onda  in, where
  • para  for
  • por  through, by
  • sobre  on etc.


There also some prepositional locutions (complex prepositions), which combine prepositions and other adverbial or nominal particles:
  • á beira de  beside
  • ó lado de  near
  • a prol de  in favour of
  • a través de through
  • cara a  towards
  • amais de  apart from
  • antes de  before
  • en vez de  instead of
  • xunto de beside etc.


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