Michele Brunelli

Born in 1976. Lives in Bassano del Grappa, province of Vicenza, Italy.
Education: Student of foreign languages at CA'FOSCARI University in Venice.
Languages: Italian (native), Catalan, English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.
Interests: Particularly interested in linguistics (more than in literature...)
Publications: In 1995 "Parlè Vèneto!", studies on Venetan and its variants (1995).
Software: Prepares the first Venetan Language Corrector for MS-Word'97.
Hobbies: U2, Clannad, Manu Chau, Orishas, Roxette... It depends on his "daily mood" but he often reads about history and politics... once his hobby was chemistry. Michele likes cinema (especially science fiction and comic films) and theatre... Every saturday plays football with his friends...


Dedicated to the Venetan language and culture...

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