Cyril Vladimirovich Babaev
I was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1978. I graduated from Moscow International Relations University, 1999, and received my M.A. degree in diplomacy there, 2000. But though my professional occupation is public and international relations, I have always been fond of Indo-European linguistics and ancient history. It started at school as a hobby, but now it is my second (or even first) life - languages.

My primary language is Russian, but I can speak and read (just a bit) English and French - I studied them at school; Korean and Japanese - I did at my University; German, Irish Gaelic, Slovene, Scottish, Lithuanian - I learned them myself during long years of studies. Also I spent some time getting deeper into several other Indo-European tongues in order to understand the very structure of the Indo-European language family: Common Slavic, Old English, Old Irish, Hittite, Latin, Oscan, Ancient Greek and other tongues important for Indo-European studies.

I started my online activities in 1998: my first web site, Cyril Babaev Linguistic Studies (CyBaLiSt) was founded 24 July, 1998. The site appeared a success, and for a year and a half it achieved about 80,000 visitors, having this spring nearly 300 hits daily. This has proved to me that my studies seem interesting to the audience - in spite of my poor English. The main purpose of my creating the web site was not only to inform my respectable guests about my works and other online resources, but also to get information myself, by listening to advice, entering discussions, checking old theories and acquiring new ones. This interactive cooperation is the engine of science, and it will help both me and my visitors to achieve new results in Indo-European research.

In September 1999, the Indo-European Forum was created in order to provide room for discussions for me and those who are also keen on languages and linguistics. Today, in February 2001, the number of the Forum Members reached more than 200: discussions include Indo-European history, religion, anthropology, deeper linguistic comparisons such as Nostratic matters.

But the need for communication and cooperation still made me look for other forms of unifying the Indo-European audience. In spring 2000, ten leading Indo-European web sites, including CyBaLiSt, decided to pull our efforts together and to create a common web database. The Indo-European Database (TIED), a realm of knowledge about Indo-European languages, history, archaeology, and religion, was opened on 3 April, 2000. I became Administrator and Webmaster of TIED.

I created all my online projects for free, I advertise them for free, I use free online services to promote them. That is why I am proud to say that the information you can find on my web sites is non-commercial and always free of charge. I will go on working on this subject and share the results of my work with the public. And the work I am planning to do will not be just mine, but everyone's who is going to join.

In the end, this is to be my hobby.

Welcome anytime to visit my places and to contact me.

P.S. I would like to express my special thanks to my best friend Lyudmila Popova, who has supported me and my projects morally.
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