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About me...


About this site

The Purpose

The purpose of this site is to build up an integral, on-line accessible, and simply browsable, grammar of the Romance languages, which will give the users the possibility to make easy references and comparisons.

The Structure

The backbone of the site is a chain of descriptive grammars for the different languages, where the material is presented by tables, schemes and simple rules, written, by convention, in English.

Around this backbone are organized articles of more specific linguistic information, concerning the language development, the dialects, the literary tradition etc. These articles may be written in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish or some other Romance language.

A number of hyperlinks will permit the users to discover, compare and explore the similarities and differences between the Romance languages.

The Range

The Romance languages provide the linguists a unique evidence of unbroken development for a period of more than 2000 years. The study of the relevant material, I believe, creates a philosophy of itself...

Thus, the articles in this site will not be concentrated only on the present state of the Romance languages, but will consider also their origin and development from the Vulgar Latin, the social, political and cultural context into which this development occurred, etc..

The Work

The work to be done is really enormous. With the purpose not, of course, to reach to an end, but to sketch the main topics.

I am accomplishing the work in my free time and it is never enough to cope with such a task...

Unfortunately, quite often I have not the possibility to re-read the materials, so that various kind of errata may occur. Of course, I will be thankful for any correction.

Remarks, Suggestions and Collaboration

All kind of remarks, suggestions and collaboration for improving and expanding this site will be gratefully welcomed. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Zdravko Batzarov
May 2000

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